How did the FTX collapse impact the Web3 gaming industry?

The FTX collapse impacted the whole crypto ecosystem, but this might have been deeply felt in Web3 gaming because of the ties between Solana and FTX. Some believe the collapse will bring... Read more »

Coinbase Premium Index goes green for the first time since FTX collapse

According to the on-chain data and analytics provider, CryptoQuant, the Coinbase Premium Index has turned green for the first time since the fallout of the FTX collapse. As an indicator that shows... Read more »

Bitcoin falls 1.4% after US payroll data, FTX Japan works to offer liquidity

The biggest news in the crypto-verse for Dec. 2 includes Bitcoin’s negative 1.4% reaction to the U.S. payroll data, FTX Japan’s efforts to bring liquidity back, and Binance’s $3 million freezing as... Read more »

FTX Japan to Unfreeze Withdrawals of Client Funds

Japanese users of failed crypto exchange FTX might soon be able to withdraw their funds as the Japanese subsidiary said it is working to make funds available to their customers. FTX as a... Read more »

Analysis of crypto transaction fees suggests exchanges prefer to move in Bitcoin

Crypto exchanges can earn revenue through various means, including lending to margin traders, liquidation fees, and on/off ramping charges. However, the core revenue generator remains taking a fee on transactions. There are... Read more »

Shady meme coins blamed for spike in dead crypto projects in 2021

CoinGecko compiled dead token data on its platform since 2014, showing that 2021 was the biggest year for deactivated coins, coming in with 3,322 projects folding. Unusually, deep within crypto winter, the... Read more »

Brazil set to recognize Bitcoin for payment, Kraken layoffs 30% of workforce

The biggest news in the crypto-verse for Nov. 30 includes Kraken laying off 1,100 staff as crypto winter bits hard, Binance expanding to Japan with the acquisition of Sakura Exchange BitCoin (SEBC),... Read more »

BTC maximalists up in arms after Casa adds ETH

Bitcoin maximalists reacted negatively to the news of Casa unveiling a new app with Ethereum support. The custodial service has been storing Bitcoin since it started, hence, BTC proponents feel betrayed by... Read more »

Bitfinex holds the highest amount of Tether(USDT) at 60%

Amidst increased bearish action on the cryptocurrency market, digital assets are offloading from exchanges and finding their way into cold wallets. However, the case is pretty different for Bitfinex’s stablecoin inflows, which... Read more »

NEXO releases proof of reserves showing no exposure to FTX

Despite posting a proof-of-reserves with neither asset breakdown nor wallet addresses, Nexo praised its risk engine as the sole reason for no bad debts. According to the Nov. 28 tweets, most exchanges... Read more »